Logo Vendredi
Contract in Aug. 2020 — Aug. 2023
First Product Designer
Project Overview
Vendredi is a SaaS to helps companies mobilize their employees in a range of impactful actions, by supporting nonprofit associations and with awareness course about all the major social and environmental issues.
My Contributions
As the first designer on Vendredi, I built the design system as well as the process for implementing the design phases on the product workflow. I worked with the customer manager and sales manager to understand the needs of users and potential customers during the discovery and research phases, and then with the developers and product managers during the resolution phase. I also worked with marketing to work on rebranding.
App Employees : Onboarding flow.

How to engage people?

To better understand the market and user needs, I implemented a user research strategy based on in-depth exploratory interviews.

I carried out a qualitative study on the basis of 25 interviews with employees of all company sizes.
With the aim of improving or finding new levers for product acquisition and activation in order to increase the rate of employee engagement on the platform.

We built a strong User Journey Maps with all insight.

Moreover the results were rich in learning and allowed us to pose 4 types of user personas.
The pragmatic, need to find value of his engagement.
The new employee, need to follow the movement of his pears.
The activist, will be ambassador of his engagement.
The curious, will be follow the movement to be part of the experience.

Use case - Qualitative intervews

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