Valentin Moulay
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Product Brand Designer & No-code

Design for digital product, brand and website

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Since 2015, +10 brands trusts on me.

For Product Design, Branding, UX, UI, Strategic and No-code Developement missions.

Contract in Aug. 2020 — Aug. 2023
First Product Designer
Anycommerce (Wynd)
Contract in Nov. 2017 — Aug 2020
Product Design / Lead D. System
Doctolib (MonDocteur)
Contract in Sep. 2015 — Nov. 2017
Brand / Product Designer
Freelance in Juil. 2023
No Code Developer
Freelance in Nov. 2022
No Code Developer
Freelance in Jui. 2022
No Code Developer
The Island Ride
Freelance in Dec. 2021
Brand Design / No Code Dev.
Freelance in Jun. 2021
No Code Developer
Kersiny Plage
Freelance in Nov. 2020
Brand Design / No Code Dev.
Agency mission in Nov. 2019
Web Design
Freelance in Mar. 2019
No Code Developer

⏤ Let's design your business

As an experienced design professional, I offer comprehensive assistance to a diverse range of businesses, including startups, scale-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and large corporations. My expertise lies in addressing various design challenges and helping companies enhance their visual identity, user experience, and product aesthetics. Whether it's creating captivating branding elements, designing intuitive user interfaces, or optimizing product packaging, I am well-equipped to deliver innovative and impactful design solutions.

With a keen understanding of market trends and consumer preferences, I collaborate closely with clients to align their design strategies with their business objectives. By leveraging my skills in graphic design, web design, and user-centered design principles, I help businesses develop a distinct and memorable brand presence across multiple touchpoints. From logo design and brand guidelines to website layouts and mobile app interfaces, I strive to create visually appealing designs that resonate with target audiences and drive business growth.

Regardless of the industry or project scope, I approach each engagement with a meticulous attention to detail and a strong focus on achieving tangible results. I understand the unique challenges faced by startups and emerging companies, and I am equally adept at collaborating with established organizations seeking to revitalize their design approach. My goal is to assist businesses in creating meaningful connections with their customers through thoughtful and purposeful design.

Let's collaborate to transform your design challenges into opportunities for success. Contact me today to discuss how I can contribute to your business's design journey and bring your brand vision to life.