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Product Design/ Lead Design System
Project Overview
The Anycommerce platform has been thought out to answer retailers' transformation stakes. It is natively omnichannel and enables you to offer all customer journeys. Restore meaning to store visits and ease traffic in points of sale thanks to the applications and devices.
My Contributions
I worked at wynd as a product designer and design system lead. My mission as a product designer was to build an application for retailers that allow users to manage products, inventory, orders, sales, stores and customer information.
In transversal I was initiator and owner of the design system co-constructed by a team of 12 designers.
Product design work
Product design work

⏤ How to give the best retail experience ?

User testing is used to verify our hypotheses, understand users, and iterate to improve before committing budget to develop features.
User feedback is shown through heatmaps, insights, and a series of KPIs.

In physical we did a lot of workshops with user and with stackholders.
Online we used Maze as a tool to share and analyse heatmaps and user insights.

Product design work
Product design work

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