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MonDocteur (Doctolib)

Brand & Product Design
Project Overview
MonDocteur is an online medical appointment booking portal in France. Launched in June 2013 by Thibault Lanthier, Benoit Grassin and Nicolas Klein, MonDocteur is revolutionizing access to health care. MonDocteur now belongs to Doctolib its former direct competitor.
My Contributions
I worked at MonDocteur.fr as a Brand and Product designer for over 3 years, where I focused on building intuitive interfaces for health professionals. I also created all visual materials as well as marketing collateral.
mondocteur mockup
mondocteur mockup

How to make an impactful brand?

The objective was to release images without personality that can be found in "Getty Images" or other image banks, in order to give a real graphic identity so that the brand is identifiable and positioned.

I worked on the logo and the graphic charter in an iterative cycle internally with the marketing teams and management.

The final proposal is accompanied by a new iconography, a palette of colors and shapes. The main constraint was to make the brand very identifiable, compared to its competitor and above all adaptable for the web but also for printing because the marketing is positioned on the display and distribution of physical goodies (cups, tote-bags, stickers...) to partners and health professionals.

After carrying out this work on the brand, unfortunately it did not have time to come to light before the acquisition of Mondoctor by Doctolib.

Use case - Brand ideation
mondocteur mockup
mondocteur mockup

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