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Web Designer
Project Overview
Offline and Online Store to find the best in home essentials such as modern furniture, small kitchen appliances & dinnerware.
My Contributions
As a designer i was in charge of the conception of the e-commerce website Crate&Barrel for Dubai. I have been in Dubai for 2 months to frame the project with a design thinking approch. Every morning was dedicated to workshops with the client with a clear objective each time.
Crate&Barrel Mockup
Crate&Barrel Mockup
Use case - Design thinking

How to ensure the right choices?

For 3 months, accompanied by a fantastic feature team, we organized numerous Design thinking workshops with our client and a few users in order to identify the needs and difficulties of users on their purchasing journey.

We were even able to carry out interviews directly in store with the help of the store manager.This methodology has proven effective in involving all stakeholders and promoting their expertise and above all in involving the client in the choices in order to ensure the right direction and the added value of our work.

This work allowed us to establish the Buyer Persona matrix as well as the architecture of the journey in order to validate it with the customer before writing the first line of code.

Crate&Barrel Mockup
Product page and more options.
Crate&Barrel Mockup
Login and checkout page.

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